Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So, I opened this blog with the total intent to update on a regular basis,.. Life Happens, This month I can honestly say has been the ultimate saddest month of my life, My little brother passed away Sept 8th.
I tend to be a fairly private person in my internet groups, I avoid religion, politics depressing type thoughts etc, and try to just focus on the beauty of the glass art and the gifts life has blessed us with.
I also tend to be a hermit, I really love private time, I love Mondays! because Steve goes to work, and its just me my dogs, and my thoughts.
I try really hard to keep a positive attitude, and totally believe in positive affirmation, I update my Facebook with lots of fun jokes and quips, and to be entirely honest its not just to spread the fun to others, it helps me stay positive to laugh.
This month has been the biggest challenge to me,
I know its part of life to lose our loved ones, My family is nearly extinct. This one has really hit me hard.
Mikey, was born when I was 10, and I can remember the day Mom and Dad brought him home, what an amazing little package! way better than any doll. Minnie mom in me took over, I taught him how to walk,I taught him how to talk, I babysat him and my other brother Jimmy during the summers, and after school.
My family was not big on displays of affection, we never felt unloved, but there wasn't hugging, kissing and the sort. With Mikey he was always snuggling, hugging, kissing. (here is one for the shrinks out there) I was scared to sleep alone, I would sneak into my parents bed after they had fallen asleep, then when Mikey was born I would let him sleep with me, of course telling him I was protecting him (Ha)
I had two other brothers, one five years older than me, one five years younger than me, of course the older one thought I was a pain in the ass, trying to tag along, the younger one I thought was a pain in the ass :) (love you Jimmy) but Mikey, thought I was cool,
Being the only girl with three brothers, it was really hard to feel cool, I generally felt like an alien.We all joked and teased each other for sure, You have to be pretty tough, witty and sarcastic to make it in my family :)
I sit here writing this, thinking there is no way I'm going to post it,
I am such a self analyzer, I'm going to analyze myself into a padded room someday. :)
I don't have what ifs, or should have thoughts about this, I know it cant be changed, I'm not angry, I'm not seeking any kind of justice, I am simply heart broken, I am going to miss him for the rest of my life.
As maternal as I felt over him, I hurt for our mother, what an amazing person, Yet I know she appears a lot stronger than she is. I Love you ma.
I had a friend ask this weekend what happened she had picked up pieces off my Facebook posts, but said I was cryptic, (surprise) I was trying so hard to not let this bring me down, or effect my friends and business.
That is totally not how I want to word that. I think sharing our personal life with our professional artistic lives helps paint a picture of who we are, what our art means to us, etc. but I still have walls, and self imposed rules, in the world of "Networking".
For those that I confided in, I want to send a huge thanks, for all the kind words, and support,
Its weird how when tragedy strikes your family, you feel like you're the only one in the entire world suffering.
Then life smacks you upside the head.
Life is truly a gift, and I have to move forward, and I have to cherish it.
Mike, I Love you.


  1. Thanks Laurie for sharing. I needed to hear that. Just know that you are NOT alone... I feel the same way. I lost a 23 year old son almost 7 years ago. I guess I should try taking some steps to move forward... Martha

  2. Laurie, I'm so very sorry for your loss! Many, many ((((HUGS)))

  3. Mike will forever be with you. I think it's wonderful that you shared a little bit of him with us, thank you. I am really sorry for your loss... sending good thoughts your way. My sincere condolences to you and your family,

  4. Laurie, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are in a difficult place, there is no changing that at the moment. I hope time will bring peace to you. Peace, love and hugs to you and your family.

  5. My heart breaks for you! I'm so very sorry for your loss.
    I read your post & know exactly what you mean. It's a difficult thing to put your personal life out there for all to read, especially when you're going through something as heartbreaking as this.
    I found that I developed some incredibly close (online) relationships that have been stronger than many of of the ones I thought I had at home. (((hugs)))

  6. "My family was not big on displays of affection, we never felt unloved, but there wasn't hugging, kissing and the sort..."
    "Being the only girl with X brothers, it was really hard to feel cool..."
    "...We all joked and teased each other for sure, You have to be pretty tough, witty and sarcastic to make it in my family :)"

    With that being said, I really couldn't fit so perfect in any other family in this world... Even without the whole hugging & kissing and the sort... I could feel I was right where I was meant to be... We don't have the whole hugging & kissing and the sort over here in this side of the planet as well... we all joke and tease each other all the time for sure!!!
    Heck yeah you've gotta be pretty tough, witty and sarcastic to make it in here... in there... I can remember the times we both have spent together... and you can be sure you are the SISTER I've never had via blood... and you live in my heart forever... I can imagine how much sadness has taken over you and how hard you've been trying to wear this "I'm ok" mask... really to just tell the world that life happens... I really do see how you grief when you are all lonely... Sister, just hang on tight... Love ya!

    PS: yeah... you were protecting him... right... and you think you fooled him right?! ... silly you!!!

  7. Laurie, I appreciate all that you give through your funny,funny FB postings and though your beautiful art.
    My heart goe out to you and yours. May your warm memories help you through this hard time.

  8. Laurie,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I lost my youngest sister in 1994, and my second-oldest sister last year. It never gets any better. I still miss them like crazy, but the memories have gotten a bit easier for my little sister. Not yet for my big sister.

    Mikey sounds like a wonderful guy.

    I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts your way. I'm so very, very sorry for your loss.