Thursday, October 21, 2010


One step forward two steps back. no strike that reverse that!
(which reminds me, Its time for Wonka! and OZ and Nightmare before Christmas! Petewy for football, :) bring on the Technicolor puppets and munchkins and oompa loompas!
What is your favorite holiday movie?
Yesterday I watched Arsenic and Old Lace, I have loved that silly movie since I was knee high to a grass hopper! " I'm not a Brewster! I'm the son of a Sea Cook!! chargeeeeeeeeeee!"

Lets talk glass :)
I recently ordered a big pallet of Bullseye glass, which is made here in the USA, and I have to say, OMG!! I love it!!!
Its is tad bit slower to melt, perfect for sculptural, and stringer work.The colors are to die for, pinks purples, the black is nice and BLACK, not purply like in the 104 series of black, There is this color called Neo Shift lavender, it comes in a opaque and a translucent, It is such a trip in my studio lighting and sunlight its a lovely shade of lavender, in my Kitchen and bathroom lighting, its a soft shade of blue! outside its actually different colors in the full sun or shade,
I put them into the kiln to anneal and it was a pretty lavender, I carried it to the kitchen to clean and suddenly it was blue, I was like! dude! OH no! this is not the color I wanted! turns out it was even better!!!
These pictures are not adjusted in photo shop it really is the colors they picked up in different lighting..LOVEEEEEEEEEEE <3

I mentioned Stringer work?
Some new designs I'm working on and stocking up on, for the Nov 5th Art hop at WMGS, These are made on the Pandora size mandrels, so they fit perfectly on a cord ribbon or pandora type necklace, I make them using kickstand type leaves so they hang perfectly and dont flip over. Now If I could find my neck to take pictures of how great they lay :)
But Laurie? what about your pansies? violets etc? are the bullseye colors vibrant enough for that? you ask??? OMGGGGGGGGGGG!
Enough showing off, for today :) I want to spend a minute or three, thanking all my very good friends, be it cyber world friends to real friends, for the sentiments they shared with me going through the loss of my brother, I'm not better yet, I'm still completely heart broken, day by day, tear by tear, but your words and sharing your feelings with me have kept me from totally breaking down. I know life is a gift, a challenge, a trial. With friends and family we get by :)
Thank you so very much!
xo Laurie

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  1. Did you mean November 5th art hop?

    We all love ya, young people should never have to leave us so early.