Friday, June 11, 2010

A Good Day :)

Good morning, I have fresh hot coffee with real cream and fake sugar :) trying to get my act together, an hopefully be productive today :)
I wanted to share some pictures my friends have sent in..
This first Bracelet was made using my Pansies and buds, by my friend Ann, aka koolkitty :)
She hasn't went public yet with her designs, But I think she will do great when she does!
This next picture is from my new friend Sally, she ordered my tutorial on making sculpted pansies and bam the same day she sat down and made these, and this necklace as a gift to her mother! another make my heart smile moment!
I would love to share your creations on my blog! so throw those pictures at me!
I have been full-time making beads for over 7 years now, prior to that I managed a bead store and designed jewelery for the catalog and taught classes , however since I lit my torch I probably I have made three complete pieces of jewelry, I just keep sending my beads out into the world and rarely get to see what is made with them.

Ok I have to get some mandrels dipped and get some work done :) today is Pandora day I do believe :)
Oh!!! and did I tell you??
The fireflies are coming out now!!! yay! its a good day :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A HA!! Take that Schizophrenic Muse!!!

I would apologize for not updating for a while, but it is not my fault its my muses! No I didn't have the dreaded artist block, no, I didn't lose my muse, quite frankly my muse had a nervous breakdown of sorts, I had so many unfinished projects so many ideas swimming , and in dire need to create something NEW. So many directions and so much chaos, I simply had no place to start.
I would wake up each morning determined to be productive, and simply got tired of thinking of the things I have to do, want to do, think I should do, etc etc etc. I have really taken only one vacation in the 7+ years I have been my own boss, so I took some highly unproductive down time, and didn't even go anywhere cool :(
But...........OK lets talk about this, I have been struggling at the torch for a few weeks, I am not a production worker, simply, I expect a lot out of myself, I could make flowers and pansies and critters all day, and they would more than likely sell, I could write a new tutorial. I just have had this need to come up with new ideas, a new MY design, something that makes my heart smile.
A couple of months ago I designed the butterfly beads, that I do adore making, and are very well received, That felt so good, I know how much of me I put into them, and it was time for something new. This re-purposing bottles is going to be a great thing also I think :) Glass camp is coming up, beads of courage day is this summer, seeeeeeeeeee so many things so many ideas, not enough Ritalin!! You get there too right? to places where you just have no starting point , so instead of getting anything done, you pull your hair out thinking about it? and just wind up with a bad hair day and nothing to show for it?
Well,,,,,,,, I'm Back! and I did it! and tomorrow I hope to knock your socks off! Today I forced myself to sketch, torch, study pictures, torch again, make dinner, (which by the way was homemade scrumdiddlyumptious tacos! ) I'm so excited about this new design, which is scary in itself because HELLO, isn't it always something you really love, just doesn't go well? and something you think is crap, the buyers gobble up? ha!
So check yourself into the ward, schizophrenic muse, I am back!