Saturday, August 14, 2010

Make A Wish Pass it on :)

I'm not sure why I decided I had to do this, But I will tell you I had an incredible day! and cant wait to get back out and do it again, I made a handfull of large big holed beads with starry millis in them, and attached a little tag that reads~If this finds you...Make A Wish...and pass it on.

My intentions were to just lay them out randomly in a part of town, and snap a picture or two as people picked them up, I did this with a couple, but for the most part I walked up introduced myself, gave them their WISH :) it went better than I had hoped and I met some really interesting people I never would have!
The beads/wishes

Leaving home, boy they make you feel guilty :) We went out to St Jo, for our first adventure,beautiful old lakeside town on lake Michigan

First recipient, what a doll! Her wish is to go back to Dublin, :)
Second recipients, we left it right where the little girl is looking down , I did go up and explain it to her mom.
3rd peeps :) at first I think they thought I was going to try and sell them something, :) after they learned there were no strings attached, and I made sure they werent under the witness protection plan they smiled for the picture. as soon as we walked away two girls went running up to them to check it out, (wonder what they wished for :) )
Our waitress number 4, I wish I was that photogenic! she asked if she had to wish for something "reasonable" I said no way!
5 We left this on on the bench and sat a couple benches away, almost gave up when this little boy scoped it out, he ran right up to his mommy showing her :) smile

6. and maybe one of my favorites, I approached his mother at a table by herself, looking like she needed a wish, when I started my spiel, she just looked at me strange, she didnt speak eglinsh! ta da saved by two young ones that showed up, I explained it to them and this young mans face lit up, he asked If i wanted him to pass it around to all 75 customers in the chocolate shop :) I said pass it on to whoever you think needs a wish :) The girl got shy about getting her picture taken, so I went out side and got a group shot, and they were all smiling with mom holding the bead in her hands.
I cant wait to do it again! What a perfect beautiful mondo cool day!

Im looking at this like the more people that send their wishes out the more positive things can happen, I handed out 6 wish beads today:) Im hoping it has a ripple effect.


  1. what a wonderful idea! i like it!
    greets from austria

  2. I want one so I can wish for more people like laurie who pass out lil boxes of hope,, kissses mi mariposa

  3. Thank You, sent one more wish to the universe today :)

  4. This is just beautiful! What a fabulous idea!