Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Morning :) sitting here with my scrumdiddlyumptious coffee, in my magic red coffee cup, peering through the glass galleries of and no better way to start the day! Do you post there? do you ever go look? If not I highly suggest you spend a few minutes poking around, absolutely fantastic art! I admit I have been neglecting it a bit, so many forums, blogs, facebook etc, but every time I go back, I'm inspired!
I have a few listings up and getting ready to put some more fun ones up today, so of course I wanted to share :)
There has been mentions few times recently about feeling uncomfortable about "pimping" our work out via the net, examples, facebook, twitter, blogs, websites etc. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?
I don't know about you, but I'm guessing a lot of you do this to make some money, I sell 90 percent of my work via the internet, of course I'm going to use networking sites to advertise it, either that or I am simply wasting my time, and I'm hungry. Ha
I love all the networking sites, and I have a gazillion facebook friends, again a good 90 percent of them are artists many many glass and jewelry artists, Is it spam? to advertise there? ack I hope not. I'm just learning how to use twitter but you can bet Once I get the hang of it, Bam!! I'm going to be all over that place!
The only way to get out there n be seen is through marketing, and I can definitely tell when I am slacking, or caught up in other things, I post in show n tell galleries, on facebook, on ebay forums, the site, my blog, twitter, and If I don't, it definitely shows in my sales
I Love looking at other peoples work, they post in said galleries etc. Thats why I made them my friends! Well and also so I could throw the occasional bad joke at them. I have great friends!
I have to get to work! so I have more stuff to pimp!
Show me what you got!
By the way, some day I'm going to be famous :) are you?

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