Friday, May 21, 2010

True Confessions

Lets chat :)

I have been blogging about my work etc on my website
however I have been setting up a new website that will be,, as soon as it launches in a few hours/days :)
So I will be blogging from here. (Blogging is a strange word?) I will think of a better one :)
I will redirect people to this page as soon as I get the green light on my new site.
Most of my readers, freinds etc, know and understand my passion with glass.
I spend most of my days melting glass in the flame creating art/lampwork beads. I also Teach beadmaking at West Michigan Glass Art Studios & write and publish tutorials on specific glass bead techniques. a little about me:

True confessions...

I am a caffiene addict.

I have a sprinkle of ADD

I think Fireflies are magical!

I could live on tacos!

I do what I love for a career and most days I get to do it in my underwear!

I tell really bad jokes on Facebook.

I need a manager or elves.

I would rather buy clean clothes, then do laundry! and I hardly own anything without a burn hole or two in it to wear.

I shoot archery and Im really good at it :)

I have two beautiful children who put up with their twisted mother.

I love flip flops!

I think my hair looks better messy.

I cannot eat eggs without tabasco.

Ive got to get my butt to work!!!

I cant leave this post without posting some pretty pictures :)

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