Sunday, May 23, 2010

Say You Want A Revolutionnnnnnnnn...

Totally Irrelevant title, but this song has been stuck in my head for three days. So I thought Id share my Earworm :) .
Back to the Glass Center for day 2 of teaching the glass beadmaking 101 class.
Within the next couple weeks the West Michigan Glass Art Center is moving its studios, It will be in the same building but we got a great big new space where the Hotshop will be with all the other studios, we also will have our own gallery! yay! I will post pictures as soon as I can. Looks like its going to be an awesome space!
Hey my exclamation mark is working again!!! (that nacho crumb must have worked itself loose.)
Its going to be a great day!
I still need to discuss with y'all about the Beads of Courage day, but the caffeine has not broken through the blood brain barrier yet, so it will have to wait till either this evening or tomorrow.

OMG I love glass! You ever wake up sometimes in the morning, and it dawns on ya that hey! I actually work with glass and fire? and I love it so entirely much I cannot fathom doing anything else? I feel like sometimes I get caught up in the "job" part of it I forget that Im so fortunate that the Gods of glass smacked me upside the head with this opportunity!
I mean c'mon really? My canvas and my paint is glass! My paints, pencils and pastels all feel like orphans since I found this medium, I still pull them out once in a while so they don't feel like the discarded broom on the Swiffer commercials, But my devotion is to glass.
Im a lucky Lucky girl :)
Im also a habitually 5 minute late girl, I have to go get ready for class!!! see you soon!!!
xo Laurie

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